5 Simple Ways to Boost Technology Value Before Sale

Published on AXIAL Forum, November 2016, by John Beauford. He has broad experience in large scale software development and IT for Fortune 100 companies as well as startups. In his spare time, he blogs about technology and business at johnbeauford.com and researches business deals looking for that diamond in the rough. John has a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Oklahoma State University.

During M&A, seemingly small technology concerns can have material impacts on the ultimate valuation of your business. When selling your business, how can you improve your technology’s value and speed up the due diligence process?

Here are 5 simple tips.

(Note that these tips don’t address more significant technology issues like embedded technical debt, un-found software defects, or key security risks. Those types of issues need to be discussed and evaluated separately.)

1. Clean the garage

2. Take inventory of the technical assets

3. Draw pictures

4. Police your policies

5. Rectify the roles and responsibilities

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