9 Military Veteran Companies Everyone in Tech Should Know!

To inspire, educate, and connect the San Francisco Bay Area with the country's leading veteran entrepreneurs, Bunker Labs recently partnered with Wells Fargo to hold a pitch event for Silicon Valley. Bunker Labs brought together their top veteran-led portfolio companies from all over the country to pitch to Wells Fargo senior executives with expertise in innovation, security, and software.

Feedback from the Wells Fargo Financial Services Technology event was phenomenal, and we think you will agree about Docio making this list...

9 Military Veteran Companies Everyone in Tech Should Know!


Site: Docio.io

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Veteran Founder: Run by U.S. Navy Veteran Mike Potts

Description: Docio's real-time software business management, application portfolio intelligence, and software development analytics SaaS is a highly desirable solution for the banking and financial services industries. Arguably, their IT environments are simply too complex and the lines of code that should be under management in their IT departments, as well as the amount of dependencies connecting their digital platforms, makes managing software an overwhelming undertaking for modern CIOs and technologists to effectively manage.

Furthermore, software dependent organizations can now use Docio's predictive software analytics and continuous insights that track costs and key performance metrics on how well software development services (internal and outsourced providers) are delivering agreed upon outcomes, ensuring value throughput, and promised service level terms. Understanding "strategic" versus "commodity" vendors and preferred project sourcing become a key competitive edge in managing measurably healthier and cost-effective software portfolios.

For those reasons, Docio's Software Governance Platform™ is a perfect fit to help banking and financial services customers drive operational excellence and align spend to manage risk and quality, accelerate growth, and deliver agile business value through software.

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About Docio

Docio® is an automated Digital Risk Management (DRM) platform for CISOs, IT, and Risk leaders to gain insight across the entire security landscape—infrastructure, governance, and software.