PRESENTATION: Analytics for Software Development & Governance for the Digital Age

Executives & Digital Transformation: Closing the Software Understanding Gap

Modern organizations are leveraging software-enabled digital technologies to influence all areas of their business, from customer engagement to increased productivity and efficiency in operations, to enhancing collaboration. This is well-summarized by Gartner's yearly Hype Cycle.

Poor “Software Governance” is quickly becoming a major liability to the software dependent organizations of the digital transformation age.

At present, organizations are ill-prepared to properly manage the Total Cost of Ownership associated with software portfolios because application, code, and team value is effectively a “black box”. Leadership is investing blindly in business-critical software, and success to-date is accidental and/or expensive. We're making economic decisions, without fully understanding the entire economic model of our products and the impact they have on our business.

Software Development.... success to-date in many organizations is accidental and/or very expensive.

As business models continue to be eaten by software, where everyone is learning to code and anyone with a laptop can create notable innovations — Software Governance is critical for modern business execution.

Technology and business leadership must come together to drive their organizations into the digital future. How can we bring their business goals, divergent priorities, and software portfolios into perfect alignment?

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