SBM Category Creation: Uniting Software Professionals To Build A Better Digital World

A story of the new category, Software Business Management (SBM) and why Docio is on a mission to unite software professionals to build a better digital world.

Software Business Management Uniting The Software Industry To Build a Better Digital World
  1. UNITINGSOFTWAREPROFESSIONALS TO BUILD A BETTER DIGITAL WORLD #SoftwareGovernance Introducing the new category Software Business Management (SBM) Copyright © 2017 Docio®Patent Pending Technology
  2. PRECISELY… How much custom software runs your business today? If you don’t know, how long will it take you to gather this information to begin making decisions and acting? How important is digital tech for the future of your org? Patent Pending Technology
  3. • Data isn’t timely or accurate • Data lives in silos, heads, machines & tools • No single source of truth • Lack of visibility, transparency & accountability Today’sorganizationsareflyingblind – leadingto*66%ofsoftware activitiesunproductive. *Source: Microsoft (10-16 weeks, 60-80% complete, but now reactive and stale) Overview
  4. Software,oneofyourbiggestexpenditures,isstill…aBLACKBOX. We need to PREVENT BUSINESS RISKS • Identify risks that disrupt business processes, impact customer experiences and company brand • Enhance your reputation as an analytics-driven digital leader We need to INCREASE REVENUE • Improve organization efficiency, agility, and speed • Real-time, smart decisions (reduce opportunity costs per day) • Improve application development throughput • Improve and deliver quality customer experiences We need to DECREASE COSTS • Get more with same budgets • Do same with less spend (cut wasted resources, low-value activities, underperforming projects, underutilized apps) • Negotiate better with the business and finance for budgeting The Black Box
  5. Industry Trends • Global economic competition and local compliance across geographies demand quality, change and portfolio management, adaptability, and rigor • Flexible development paradigm with services creation increasingly drive technology and business collaboration – agile product management, development & delivery • Emerging security issues and cloud platforms for software portfolio analytics adoption; ad hoc, manual, and crowdsourced approaches unsustainable • End-user experience and business impact challenges of social, mobile, analytics, and cloud with collaboration and community-driven development opportunities PressingNeedsforSoftwarePortfolioAnalytics • Diverse delivery demands for digital technologies drive need for business impact analysis on application portfolios; business agility enabled by product economics, governance, and risk • High Cost of Maintenance, organizations seeking to do more with fewer resources, financial and talent constraints; leveraging efficient approaches to restore and sustain performance, timely, critical software • Complex sourcing and poor software suppliers, use of open source, strong talent identified, effective governance, testing, and metrics enabled by SBM; Services driven environment (SaaS/cloud, DevOps) • Public software disasters on the rise
  6. IT Shadow IT Complexity Marketing FinanceHR Sales CIO, CTO, CDO Governance Enterprise Architecture IT Management Developers Etc. Product Team Product Team Developers Outsourced Development Developers Outsourced Development Outsourced Product Team Contractors Contractors Developers Contractors Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps TechTech Tech Tools Tools Tools Tools Tech Tech Tools Tech Tech IP IP IP IP Tech Tech HIDDEN COSTS & RISKS PERFORMANCE PRODUCTIVITY VALUE
  7. It is all a connected, continuous cycle. Poor operations and product economics are detrimental in the digital age. Lost RevenueDamaged Brand Increased Costs Lost Customers Lost Productivity Lower Profits THEBOTTOMLINE:PoorManagement=IncreasedBusinessRisk
  8. A New Category The Business System of Record for Software v Enterprise Resource Planning Finance Customer Relationship Management Sales Marketing Automation Management Marketing Technology Business Management ITHR Human Capital Management Software Business Management Software Just like any other business function (Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR, IT, etc.), the business of software needs purpose-built applications and a business management system for visibility, collaboration, and governance. We call it Software Business Management (SBM).
  9. System of Record Measurable practices defining a world-class software development org Product Management Product Development Product Delivery Product Enablers • Portfolio management • Product economics • Talent & governance • Product security & risk management Practices to plan and operatePractices to ensure quality delivery • Analytics and use of telemetry • A/B testing • Community-driven development • Product Management Excellence - Cost, Quality, Risk, and Productivity • Human-Centered Design Practices for conceptualization and design Practices to build and test quality solutions • DevOps (CI/CD) • Test automation and TDD • API-based architecture • Productivity and quality 2017 Source:
  10. Docioisamulti-channel platform,collectingdata andcoexistingwithallthe toolsinyourproduct ecosystem–producing actionableinsightsfor IT&Digitaldecision makers,company-wide. 2016 Source: System of Engagement
  11. System of Intelligence ALM SLI SQAM SDA APMM APM PPM Application Lifecycle Management Software Lifecycle Integration Application Portfolio Management Software Development Analytics Software Quality Analytics & Measurement Application Performance Monitoring & Measurement Product Portfolio Management Docio was built to simplify, automate, and centralize traditional categories and legacy tech, specifically for Software Business Management (SBM). Designed as a Platform, and to consume AI approaches, Docio combines data, business process, and enterprise workflow to create context for a System of Intelligence.
  12. Enabling Digital Business CIO, CTO, CDO IT Management Governance EA & Program Management Operations & Product Management VPs of Application Development Team Leads, Developers, Analysts, QA Procurement, Sponsors, Business Users Support (Risk, Compliance, Legal, HR) Contractors, Service Providers, Vendors Old Model of IT New Model for Software Centralized hierarchy, naturally being disrupted by Shadow IT; “IT moves to slow!” Empowering the new, decentralized network for innovation, speed, and digital transformation Visibility, collaboration, and governance in one platform enables the entire organization • Vulnerability to tech-based disruption • Subpar user experience and churn (lower revenues) • High software costs and lower profit margins • Control, accountability, and fact-based transparency • Portfolio Management & Product Economics • Lower risks, manage TCO, higher profits
  13. Departments / BUs Tech & ToolsApplications Vulnerabilities Real-time inventory discovery of applications and software. Keep track of the tools, technologies, frameworks, and dependencies. Research where investments are being made and the resources being used. Map security vulnerabilities to all the products in your portfolios to fix quickly. Docio leverages your existing investments in established categories of tooling for SBM, Product Management, Product Development, and Product Delivery, pulling together raw data and transforming it into actionable business insights and total visibility of your entire asset portfolio. Assets: What & Where? GlobalInventoryDiscovery,Mapping&Tracking
  14. MaketheBlackBoxvisible:Becomeatrustedbusinesspartner. Total Visibility Understand & Communicate Prevent & Protect Plan, Align & Manage Make Smart Decisions Optimize & Improve Visibility.Accountability.Learning. Changing the management discipline to both support and demand new behaviors will enable learning and improve performance. Gaining total visibility is all about getting Docio connected to the tools behind your Software Governance Strategy. The people doing the work always know the processes to ensure effective and efficient use of software in enabling the organization to achieve its business goals.
  15. Solutions by Usage • Software Development Analytics • Application Portfolio Intelligence • Product Portfolio Intelligence • Productivity & Software Sizing • Software Quality & Risk Analysis • Vendor KPI Outcomes/Contracting • Application Performance & Security • CIO Onboarding / First 100 Days • M&A Technical Due Diligence Solutions by User • CIO • CTO / Architect • CISO, Risk & Compliance • PMO / Product Owner • SDLC Delivery & Operations • Talent & Governance • Quality Assurance / Testing • Software Development Who owns the software in your org?What are your measures for success? Clients
  16. 15% - 30% Why wouldn’t IT Leaders want to… *What did you spend across your entire custom software portfolio last year, including people/staff aug, platforms, and vendors? …of your custom software and applications? • Reduce costs by • Reduce opportunity costs by 10% - 20% • Increase productivity by 20%
  17. YOUCAN’TMANAGEWHATYOU’RENOTMEASURING Contact us today to be enlightened and become your company's Digital Docent — Sowhat’syourplan? Patent Pending Technology Copyright © 2017 Docio®

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