Docio is proud to announce Patent Pending status for Software Business Management technologies

Software Business Management (SBM) Company Announces U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Issued “Patent Pending” Status for the SaaS-Based Software Governance Platform™

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- (April 26, 2017) - Docio® (, the pioneer and premier provider of SaaS-based Software Business Management (SBM) solutions for IT & Digital decision makers to lead the business, today announced they are the first and only patent-pending Business System of Record for technologies delivering Software Business Management (SBM) applications. Concentrated “Software Business Management” combines all three layers; System of Record, System of Engagement, and System of Intelligence in a convenient, standardized approach to helping companies make strategic decisions in scaling more effective and efficient software operations. At the same time, the Software Business Management (SBM) SaaS provides metrics and measurements that will be tracked to help SaaS companies and organizations focused on Digital Transformation manage growth, decrease costs, prevent business risks, enable agility, and ensure long-term sustainability.

While significant advancements and investments have been made in the Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) industries, Docio is the first to apply Software Business Management (SBM), and specific big data and digital analytics, to improve the business of software and efficacy of product management, product development, and product delivery. This disruptive technology introduces a significant advancement in software product life cycle methodologies and enabling functions and practices imperative to building software value and helps meet the regulatory and compliance demands for product purity and reporting.

Docio's technologies enable organizations and companies who also have systems and solutions built without explicit organizational approval or software not installed by the information technology (IT) department. Typically, Shadow IT solutions do not align with an organization’s business goals and requirements for control, documentation, security, and reliability, creating risks and compliance issues down the line. Shadow IT also adds hidden and misallocated costs to organizations, create inconsistencies within programs and projects due to the lack of uniformity between programs, produce security vulnerabilities, and cause inefficiencies within a company. Enterprise IT expenditures continually move outside the direct control of IT departments. This results in a growing list of software to monitor, update, and maintain. If a company continues to decentralize and experiment with applications or programs to help them on a daily basis, it is only natural that many will fall by the wayside.

The Software Business Management (SBM) Delivery System is an evolutionary and revolutionary paradigm shift to the software development profession, unifying the software industry to provide portfolio management, actionable insights, and product economics from the entire enterprise on business-critical software with advanced analytics.

Docio’s patent-pending Software Business Management (SBM) technology is uniquely designed as a multi-channel platform, coexisting with all the tools in your product life cycle ecosystem for self-service, enterprise-grade integration from the latest methodology innovations in product management, product development, and product delivery disciplines, making it easy for clients to change tools without losing their history. Docio automates the collection and transformation of data, providing an advanced quality system with process controls, performance management, and smart planning of agile software development operations.

Docio's Software Business Management (SBM) provides visibility, collaboration, and governance for modern organizations with benefits of:

  • More business value, less waste
  • Cost/budget transparency and financial governance
  • Setting a global management discipline & standards
  • Analytics & automation to drive and scale innovation
  • Internal efficiency and reduced maintenance costs
  • Establishing modern culture of transparency and accountability
  • Measuring compliance to software governance policies
  • Shadow IT discoverability
  • Inventory Discovery
  • Vulnerability Mapping
  • Benchmarking Talent, Quality, Process & Technologies
  • Understanding costs vs. performance
  • Proactive response and prioritization of activities to make better trade-offs
  • Opportunity identification – fast
  • Organizational learning and productivity
  • Quantify technical debt, remediation, and progress
  • Complexity management to build agility for the future
  • Sustaining your new software-driven, digital culture

Docio is partnering with Management Consulting firms, Product Development firms, PaaS providers, MSPs, Venture Capital/Private Equity firms, and other complementary SaaS offerings in providing this revolutionary product. The Software Business Management (SBM) Delivery System helps leaders align software with the business, transform their customers' experience, and run efficient operations, empowering digital innovation and speed with complete transparency.

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