Docio selected for Collision Conference's 2017 "START" Track: Emerging Tech Products To Watch

Software Portfolio Analytics Company Fast-Tracked to Collision Conference's "START" Program As A Top 50 Emerging Software Product To Watch

  • Docio® revolutionizes the way business measures the value of software investments to understand, communicate, and thrive in the software-driven world.

  • Docio® provides clients with Software Operational Insight capabilities, which deliver powerful, real-time intelligence to achieve peak productivity, better performance, and reduce technical and business risks.

  • Clients using Docio's software portfolio analytics experience significant improvements in process efficiency, operations and maintenance costs, quality, and risk management.

NEW ORLEANS, LA and JACKSONVILLE, FL -- (February 3, 2017) - Docio® (, the leading integrated software portfolio analytics SaaS that facilitates and automates many of the project management, code analysis, and software development processes across the product life cycle and provides software operational insights to drive superior business results, was presented the START Track from Collision Conference for Docio's progress and traction of the Software Governance Platform™ technology solution, as well as other achievements for advancing the software industry's state-of-the-art since the team's original acceptance into the "ALPHA" track in April 2016.

"Collision is without a doubt the real deal. The quality of products, startups, speakers, and attendees makes it a true honor to be going back in the START category. Given what lies ahead for Docio, CollisionConf's START track is giving us the platform for access to customers and potential partners that can't be found anywhere else in the world," said Mike Potts, Co-founder and CEO.

Collision's "Tracks" Explained

The companies chosen to exhibit at Collision are assigned in the ALPHA, BETA or START category depending on their size, revenue, and scorecard (growth potential, impact, product and team, pitch quality, and cool factor). Collision's categories ALPHA, BETA and START explained:

  • ALPHA | Company is pre-investment stage or has under $1 million in funding.
  • BETA | Company has launched successfully and often a Collision alumnus.
  • START | Company is experiencing considerable growth and expanding globally. Often has raised over $3 million.

*Read more about how Collision selects their companies and the scorecard criteria.

"Only 50 of the best software products experiencing considerable growth are chosen to join the START Track at Collision every year — many of which have gone on to change industries." - Collision Conference

Collision: Expert At Identifying Valuable Products

Just to name a few other of Collision Conference's portfolio START software products that have gone on to transform their industries:

"We are honored to join START 2017. We're even more excited Docio's mission to revolutionize the software industry is resonating with people. We've had a surreal experience since launching and to be identified by Collision for blazing the path forward with a new category is only making it more unbelievable. We are proud of the team's accomplishments and now, to be associated with these history-making brands — wow!," says Jeremy Vaughan, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer.

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Check out what else the Docio team has been up to:

About Collision Conference 2017


Collision is “America’s fastest growing tech conference” created by the team behind Web Summit. In three years, Collision has grown to over 11,000 attendees from more than 100 countries. Participants include CEOs of both the world’s fastest growing startups and the world’s largest companies, alongside leading investors and media.

The next event is in New Orleans for 2017. If you want the chance to join 15,000 tech industry leaders, as well as a select group of software products, learn more about the event here:

About Docio

"One of the most disruptive technologies at the 2016 Collision Conference." - Forbes

The Docio® Software Governance Platform™ is the leading software portfolio analytics SaaS helping to reduce operational costs, manage technical and business risks, continually measure results, and dramatically improve quality and performance associated with software products, apps, projects, code, and teams. Docio is designed to leverage existing systems and automate manual processes with little participation from IT in days—not weeks or months.

For the first time ever, total visibility to track the right metrics, gain powerful insights, take immediate action, and confidently lead your teams to success. Collaborate, plan, and measure progress in real-time and drive engagement with people no matter where they are.

Finally, Digital CIOs & Technologists like you are enabled and empowered with a central, unified platform to make good decisions, align software with the business, and drive company-wide buy-in of the teams doing the work.

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About Docio

Docio® is an automated Digital Risk Management (DRM) platform for CISOs, IT, and Risk leaders to gain insight across the entire security landscape—infrastructure, governance, and software.