Forbes Magazine recognizes Docio as Top Disruptive Technology

Forbes Magazine Values Real-Time Product Portfolio Intelligence and Software Development Analytics

Docio was 1 of 8 software products singled out at Collision Conference where the journalist focused on Docio's Technical Debt use case and the viability of the business model having huge market disrupting potential...

"Docio uses a sophisticated algorithm to calculate how well-built any piece of software is, based upon the tools and practices the developers of that software used. In other words, this software governance tool is able to measure the amount of technical debt lurking under the covers of a custom-built app.

Technical debt refers to all the shortcuts and sloppy code programmers create during the creation of an application – debt that organizations must pay back by fixing or replacing flawed apps at some point down the road.

Having an objective measure of technical debt, therefore, is an exceptionally valuable tool for any IT manager who must make fix vs. replace decisions on problematic software." -Jason Bloomberg, Forbes

In this particular case, Forbes recognized in order to drive change and invest in the right growth priorities, Modern CIOs and Technology Leaders needed Docio's advanced analytics on cases of Technical Debt, broken systems, and legacy code, to track software decay, extract insights on complex application portfolios, measure modernization initiatives, and allow them to deliberatly evolve their software products into a more stable state.

Docio visually represents real-time information for IT to convince the business of this critical mindset and shows it’s vital spending money to resolve business-critical software assets that already exist. Addressing the communication gaps and operational problems of decreasing Technical Debt takes organizations out of the traditional short-term software thinking and quantifies the lost day-to-day productivity, additional costs to application performance, and the crippling expense of unresolved Technical Debt that's holding them back.

Docio is a paradigm shift, changing perspectives to focus on the long-term maintenance economics to keep software portfolios and products current with the evolving technology landscape and systems running at peak performance.


About Docio

Docio® is an automated Digital Risk Management (DRM) platform for CISOs, IT, and Risk leaders to gain insight across the entire security landscape—infrastructure, governance, and software.