Forget Technical Debt — Here's How to Build Technical Wealth

Published on First Round Review in 2016, by Andrea Goulet of Corgibytes.

Andrea Goulet and her business partner sat in her living room, casually reviewing their strategic plan, when an episode of This Old House came on television. It was one of those moments where ideas collide to create something new. They’d been looking for a way to communicate their value proposition — cleaning up legacy code and technical debt for other companies. And here they were, face to face with the perfect analogy.

“We realized that what we were doing transcended clearing out old code, we were actually remodeling software the way you would remodel a house to make it last longer, run better, do more,” says Goulet. “It got me thinking about how companies have to invest in mending their code to get more productivity. Just like you have to put a new roof on a house to make it more valuable. It’s not sexy, but it’s vital, and too many people are doing it wrong.”

Today, she’s CEO of Corgibytes — a consulting firm that re-architects and modernizes apps. She’s seen all varieties of broken systems, legacy code, and cases of technical debt so extreme it’s basically digital hoarding. Here, Goulet argues that startups need to shift their mindset away from paying down debt toward building technical wealth, and away from tearing down old code toward deliberately remodeling it. She explains this new approach, and how you can do the impossible — actually recruit amazing engineers to tackle this work.

"Technical debt always reflects an operations problem."

In Andrea's post, you will learn and cover topics:

  • Rethinking and working effectively with legacy code
  • Communication artifacts in software
  • An understanding of remediation to building technical wealth
  • Thinking of software as a product in a life cycle, not a project
  • Types of software remodeling to plan for
  • Tasks to automate in Continuous Improvement
  • Establishing a modern software culture
  • Understanding the different talent in the product life cycle
  • How to thrive with your software for the future of business

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