Docio impresses on national level

Docio selected as top company for major conference

In a press release dated February 13, 2017, Jacksonville-based Docio, the software portfolio analytics SaaS announced their selection to be one of the top 50 presenting companies at Collision Conference 2017, a major tech conference in New Orleans.

Docio was selected to join the START track — only available for the top 50 emerging companies...

When we launched Docio in 2016, we had many executives and people in (and out of) the industry tell us they were afraid of measuring software because it would expose FACTS. Facts sometimes unpleasant because they would create difficult discussions about decisions already made. BUT, the world is moving too fast not to have facts. Change is happening no matter what and companies are jumping into "The Business of Software" without the full understanding of the impact their decisions or strategies have on the business. The current pace of software disruption is forcing those people to now accept REALITY and begin improving with total visibility. Docio being pulled into these essential conversations is a testament more people are now more accepting of reality than fighting it. They are creating a new philosophy of software portfolio analytics embedded in their organization's culture. It's time to change the world, starting with advancing the state of the art for the software industry and giving people the enterprise-wide capability and fact-based transparency to manage software costs, quality, risks and productivity in real-time. Meet Docio @collisionconfhq this May. We look forward to enlightening you, too! ___________________________ #software #softwareengineering #softwaregovernance #businessofsoftware #businessoptimization #operationalintelligence #analytics #digital #digitaltransformation #collisionconf #collisionconference #digital #data #bigdata #predictiveanalytics #machinelearning #softwaredeveloper #SoftwareDevelopment #DigitalDocent

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Docio® is an automated Digital Risk Management (DRM) platform for CISOs, IT, and Risk leaders to gain insight across the entire security landscape—infrastructure, governance, and software.