Jacksonville's Docio begins to corner the market

Published on Jacksonville Business Journal, April 28, 2017, by James Cannon, Managing Editor.

Jacksonville-based technology company Docio®, a spinoff product of feature[23], recently moved one step closer to cornering its market.

The company's -- now patent-pending -- software, Docio, analyzes third-party code for possible weaknesses and exploits, and then translates the application inventory discovered and it’s data into actionable information for executives. While the idea is not wholly unique, this type of debugging has mostly been used to asses networks and hardware, Docio has built data intelligence at its core, getting into sophisticated technologies like machine learning and AI needed to analyze complex code in the near future.

But, partially, because of the challenge, co-founder and chief strategy officer Jeremy Vaughn has relished the process. And now those labors are finally paying off.

"We've been really limited as to what we could say about Docio in the past," Vaughan said. "But now, we have protection. We can open the software up and go in great detail about what Docio does and how it does it."

This change is only going to further benefit the company, Vaughan said, as it readies for Collision Conference, the "leading authority in debuting revolutionary startups and introducing game-changing technologies."

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But the software has already been considered a game-changer and has already received praise from major players in tech industry.

One local business that has already seen value in Docio is The Suddath Cos., which has been working with Docio for the past three years.

When Len O’Neill took over as chief information officer of the company, he had to assess the quality of software that came along with a company Suddath had recently bought.

“Knowing the value of your assets gives you a baseline,” O’Neill said in a previous interview with the Business-Journal. “We have 180-odd pieces of technology; a lot of that is bespoke or customized. I want to know the quality of those assets and if they’re generating value. The quality of your source code can tell you a lot about the maturity of an organization.”

Docio could tell O’Neill how much technical debt, bugs, and vulnerabilities were in the code, what problems could arise and what fixing them would cost, collecting data from code analysis, time tracking and project management tools, he said.

Regardless of how Docio fairs at Collision, the company is already entertaining acquisition and investment conversations. Most recently from Splunk, an IT machine data, network and security firm.

The offer was declined.

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