Measuring IT Project Performances in Texas: House Bill (HB) 3275 Is Law

Texas, one of the first states to push regulatory action for software development governance in the profession has written into law the need for measuring information technology (IT) project performances:

House Bill (HB) 3275, Effective January 1, 2018.

The bill is an important win to restore confidence and professionalism for the software industry as a whole. But also, for Docio®, as the Software Business Management (SBM) unified platform is far superior on its insights to existing solutions and delivers what is now beginning to show up as modern State legislation.

Texas House Bill (HB) 3275 is a significant milestone in achieving the foundation for organizations to begin to understand how to manage 'the business of software' while fueling the much-needed separation in thinking of "software is not IT".

All around us are missions of "Digital Transformation", "Disrupting IT", "Digital IT", and leveraging table stakes process improvements (SCRUM, Agile, Pair Programming, Org Design, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and whatever the next flavor of the week is). Each of these missions requires effective leadership, relationships, change management, and measurable practices to bridge the gap between software engineering and organizational learning approaches, improve product management capabilities, and drive efficient delivery.

The value of this work is dependent on helping people understand how to make software an advantage, not a disadvantage. And, with the mission-critical nature of software and project governance, success requires making software development practices, processes, tools, and organizational structures a strategic priority, not an afterthought. It also requires moving past the existing solutions that focus on just technical metrics, crowdsourced data, and traditional software development activities. It is about achieving a total solution of System of Intelligence, System of Engagement, and System of Record to accommodate governance policy compliance in today's increasingly complex distributed environments.

Future-ready organizations (and government agencies) are now focusing on transparency, actionable insights, business-aligned decisions, and goals to drive enablement and leverage of global resources, technological advancements, and costs savings. Just like any other business function (Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR, IT, etc.), the ‘business of software’ is an essential capability that needs visibility, governance, and accountability, too.

Software Business Management (SBM) helps organizations meet these challenges.

Published on Consortium for IT Software Quality, July 2017: "CISQ Advisory Board member, Herb Krasner, has released a position paper for Texas state CIOs and IT leaders seeking guidance on House Bill (HB) 3275 passed in June 2017 requiring the reporting of software quality measurement in Texas State IT projects. Krasner drafted the legislation that was signed into law by Texas governor, Greg Abbott."

Abstract from the position paper:

"Measuring IT Project Performances in Texas: House Bill (HB) 3275 Implications"

Texas’ usage of IT is big and getting bigger, but past project performances have a “checkered” history. In June 2017 HB 3275 became law in Texas. It requires state agencies to improve the measuring and monitoring of large IT projects to collect and report on performance indicators for schedule, cost, scope, and quality. If these indicators go out of bounds, more intense scrutiny is then triggered, potentially requiring corrective action. These indicators will be made visible to the public via an online, user-friendly dashboard, and will be summarized annually in a report to state leaders. This new law facilitates the early detection of troubled projects and helps establish baselines for improvement initiatives. This position paper discusses the implications and challenges of implementing this new law for state and agency IT leadership.

Read the full "Measuring IT Project Performances in Texas: House Bill (HB) 3275 Implications" at CISQ ►


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