NYC Money Matters: Docio receives significant attention in New Orleans

Docio's Software Business Management™ SaaS, a spin-off product from feature[23], identified by Forbes Magazine at the 2016 Collision Conference as a technology product to watch. Check out the mention by Money Matters' Jane King:


A Jacksonville tech company spotlighted in a national magazine, feature[23]. Jane King is live with us now at the Nasdaq with this morning's Money Matters report:

So things are heating up it sounds like for one local tech company. Yes, this company is called "feature[23]." They got some significant attention at last week's Collision Conference in New Orleans. It's a conference about innovation and technology companies. This company, feature[23], getting noticed for its software that uses a sophisticated algorithm to calculate if another piece of software is well-built or if it's full of sloppy code that will end of costing a business more, later down the line to fix or replace it. So certainly a lot of businesses will find that useful. We'll keep an eye on that company.


About Docio

Docio® is an automated Digital Risk Management (DRM) platform for CISOs, IT, and Risk leaders to gain insight across the entire security landscape—infrastructure, governance, and software.