Starting With "Why": Docio Software Business Management Inspires IT Leaders To Take Action

A quick introduction to how Software Business Management (SBM) and Docio came to be, the product offering history, and where the technology platform is going based on feedback from CFOs, CIOs, Portfolio Managers, Product Owners, Enterprise Architects, and VPs of Engineering. We believe enabling CIOs and IT Leaders to communicate software value is the future in helping them gain a rightful seat in the boardroom. With Digital Transformation as a strategic long-term challenge and focus area, Docio and SBM is crucial for modern businesses building digital technology solutions, custom applications, and software products.


    What is Docio?
    Docio began as an idea to help IT leaders understand decisions made around custom digital technology investments with a mission to advance the state of the art for the software development profession.
    Today, Docio has evolved from a simple concept to the beginning of a movement to transform Software Business Management (SBM).
    Why it is important How do we give IT & Business Leaders the insights they need, in the moment required, to make good software decisions? We live in a world of increasing digital complexity and speed. Data and information is locked. Software economics is not well understood. Specific analytics enables digital innovation… The impact of software decisions today has proven to hold companies hostage, tomorrow. Sometimes worse, putting them out of business.

  3. Docio is our take on the Latin word ‘Doceo’. At Docio, we believe that inside every CIO lives an enlightened Docent — ready to share a clear vision for the power and promise to help their organizations communicate, operate, and thrive in a software-driven world. What’s in a name? 1. to enlighten 2. to teach 3. to make clear Doceo /dō•see•ōh/ verb

  4. Overview. “Business ofSoftware” and The's broken.

  5. Feature[23] pioneered the unique Docio® SaaS platform resulting from nearly 8 years of R&D investment and real-world experience working with midmarket and enterprise clients. Docio proved to help engineering leaders drive better outcomes, but business leaders were hungry for actionable insights as custom software became more critical to their business models, customer experiences, and operations. Enter: Docio & Software Business Management. History IT Leaders are “so money” – time to prove it!

  6. Leading the Innovators Learnings from our executive team with over 20 years in enterprise software development experience, and nearly 10 years in product consulting at f[23]. In 2015, headaches produced by the software black box and having no management system for CIOs, IT & Business Leaders to lead is too large of a problem in the digital age. Build! P R O B L E M C AT E G O R Y & D E M A N D C A P T U R E I N N O V AT O R S I N N O V AT O R S D E M O N S T R AT E V A L U E A N D L E A D S B M A D V I S O R Y B O A R D F O R D O C I O & S B M In 2016, with experimentation done, we accelerated Beta phases with enterprise clients interested in digital innovation, wanting to change conversations from costs to value. Change the game – help companies become world-class at delivering software value with the Software Business Management (SBM) category and governance platform. In 2017, our innovative Beta clients, as well as other leading IT thinkers, want to be a part of Docio and join as advisers to the Software Business Management (SBM) disciplines making them essential tools for modern, software-driven orgs. The early adopters and advisers of Docio & SBM want you to WIN! – the movement begins, helping other IT & Digital leaders build software value.

  7. The CIO & IT Experience Access and data transformation for granular visibility into: • Product Management • Product Development • Product Delivery Inventory Discovery Context for Data-Driven Engineering Leaders Context for Data-Driven Business Leaders Portfolio Management & Role-Based Dashboards Technologies & applications for talent, governance & security Actionable & predictive insights for financial, risk & value decisions Comprehensive economic modeling & benchmarking For CIOs For ALL IT & Digital decision makers

  8. Why Analytics Fail.
    Data & Reporting vs. Actionable Insights
    General-Purpose vs. Specific Analytics

  9. Metrics. Risk, Cost, Quality, Productivity. With data, couldn’t we start? • Benchmarking • Economic Modeling • TCO Analysis • Measuring EVERYTHING • Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics • Change the conversation from cost to value!!!

  10. WHAT YOU CAN’T DO WITHOUT DOCIO. Software Governance, Risk Management, Cost Transparency, Quality / Performance, Productivity & Benchmarking To… • Enable outcome-based relationships • Protect the brand and customer loyalty • Increase profit margins and revenue • Improve end-user experiences • Perform comprehensive audits • Measure true throughput and alignment • Trusted analytics to improve communication, decisions, and control

  11. Cost & Quality. Regain Planning & Budgeting Control: 6 steps to building value and trust using fact-based transparency 1. Establish a baseline of the technical costs, quality, and risks/vulnerabilities of your portfolio(s). 2. Rationalize processes and disciplined approaches to eliminating low-value software and activities. 3. Get global visibility on apps, dispersed teams, and outsourced vendors in a single source of truth. 4. Measure and analyze everything, on-demand. 5. Quantify, manage, and reduce Technical Debt. 6. Decrease maintenance costs.

  12. People Buy-In. High transparency, high engagement: 8 steps to team buy-in and enterprise speed 1. Create a vision, embed a new philosophy, build urgency. 2. Adopt product-driven mindset over project mindset. 3. Build teams and people. 4. Analyze situations, strengths opportunities, and weaknesses. 5. Plan journey. 6. Communicate and collaborate. 7. Implement, measure and transform. 8. Benchmark and improve.

  13. 2016 Source: CA Technologies. Data Integrations - Enable to keep pace with new methodology and tool innovations, making it easy for clients to change tools without losing their history.

  14. Bottom Line - Lost Revenue, Damaged Brand, Increased Costs, Lost Customers, Lost Productivity Lower Profits

  15. What do you truly know about the software running your business?

  16. Thank you! Contact us today to be enlightened and become your company's Digital Docent —

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Docio® is an automated Digital Risk Management (DRM) platform for CISOs, IT, and Risk leaders to gain insight across the entire security landscape—infrastructure, governance, and software.